Award time!

Thanks, AJCL, for the award! Like you, I too shall avoid the tag and simply accept the award.... just pass it on to others.... so here goes...

Bhavesh - your photographs bring a smile to my face everyday
Ssstoryteller - I look forward to the interesting things you come up with
Aarti - you make even the most normal things seem so interesting
Patricia - I just cant get enough of your wonderful decor ideas.... while I cant even imagine re-creating them!
Shilpa - i just loved your response to the last you get this one...


  1. Hey Anu thanks a ton.. this is my first blog award. I was having a bad day at office and you really cheered me up :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to all winners!!!

  3. hey Thanks
    and send it right back to yu

  4. Awwww... Thats so sweet! Thanks lady :))

  5. Hi Anu,

    So sorry for being so late on this one, but I have now published the award on Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks so much, Anu! :)


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