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The Vaishnodevi Experience 2023

My first trip to Vaishnodevi was unimpressive. Climbing was hard, and it only served to highlight how badly out of shape I was, while my in-laws managed to cope so much better. Further, I hadn’t quite realized that the cave experience wouldn’t be the same as I had imagined, since the original cave was only opened at certain times a year, and that we only entered a newly created tunnel, one far easier to access, and hence more manageable with the crowds that thronged the mountain shrine. The resulting experience at the shrine, for barely a fraction of a second, hardly compared to what I had expected / imagined / heard about. So, for me, Vaishnodevi was like any other temple, nothing to write home about, something that was reflected (though not explicitly mentioned) in the blog post I wrote then.

Seven things you didn't know about me!

I have been tagged before, but never by two people for the same one! Well, that makes it easier…… so, thanks to Lavanya and Hema, here are seven things you did not know about me….

  1. If there is an award for impatience, I will surely get it! Every couple of years, I make a resolution to learn to be patient, but it hasn’t worked so far….. And sometimes it is a real problem, especially when I easily get irritated by the kind of things Samhith does!

  1. I hated going to any classes when I was a kid….. I used to draw well, and my mom wanted me to take up art classes, but I convinced her I wanted it to remain a hobby and I was happy doing it the way I always did…and didn’t want to learn the right way…..same thing with music – attended classes for a year and then told my mom that I didn’t want to go anymore……. Of course, now I do wish I had learnt both painting as well as music, but still don’t have the inclination to actually go to a class…… and when I see the same trait coming up in Samhith, can understand what my mom went through!

  1. All through my school days, I hardly made any friends….. Spoke to just a couple of people, and didn’t even know all the girls in my class (I attended a girls’ convent). And today, there is a sudden desire to meet all of them again (even though I still don’t remember most of their namesJ!) Am planning to attend a get together soon….

  1. I decided that I wanted to become a scientist – and that too in Physics – when I was in my eighth standard….. That was when I discovered the fun in physics, and fought with my mom to fulfill my ambition…. With my uncle’s support, of course J….. when I decided to leave my Ph.D midway, it was the most difficult decision of my life, and for the first time I was completely lost…. Didn’t know what to do anymore……thankfully, my flair for languages came to the rescue……. Otherwise, don’t know what I would have done!

  1. I hate housework, and everything related to it – cooking, cleaning, the whole lot! I am happiest when left alone with a book! I am sure you must be wondering why I chose to be a housewife – well, that’s because I don’t believe in leaving a kid alone with a maid or anyone else and going off to work! I believe strongly about it and had decided to stay home as and when I had a kid, so, well, that’s how I am here…. Thankfully, blogging helps keep me sane!

Now comes the difficult part, for I have to think… and think… and think…. What more can I say????? So you just have to take what comes to my mind…

  1. My favourite book of all time is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. My athai (aunt) gifted it to me when I was in the sixth or seventh standard, and I have read it over and over and over again! I laugh and cry with the book even after all these years……yes, even after so many re-readings, I still connect with the book……it shows me how I have changed over the years, since the way I look at the characters changes each time……… Another all time favourite are the Sherlock Holmes books, closely followed by Agatha Christie – I will never tire of them!

  1. Finally, the last point! At last! You have heard about what I like – now about what I dislike! I don’t like any of the Mills and Boon books, and generally am not too fond of anything in the nature of romance. But then, any book is preferable to no book at all…. and there was a time when I read only Mills and Boon since there was nothing else available!!!! This tenet still holds true for me…. For example, this time at Binsar, the resort library had too few books, so I spent 5 days re-reading all the Nancy Drews, for they were the only books in the library!!!! All I finally need with me is – a book!

To all those who know me well,  you are free to add anything else in the comment section below! To those who don't, hope you know me better now, so please take up the tag and let me know more about you too!

As for passing on the tag, Aarti, Srivats, Shilpa, Bhavesh  and Chitra, - lets see what you come up with!


  1. Impatient... hmmm ... am impatient too when it comes to work and deadlines... I hate hate stretching deadlines :)

  2. Knowing so much new about you was interesting. Thanks so much Anu for thinking of me when passing it on! I've published a post on 7 Things About Me [I've been tagged!] linking it back to you and your blog :)

  3. That made an intersting read. Nice to know better as a person.

  4. It was nice to know about you and thank you for the tag. I will do it in my next post. As I was away i have to clear lot of pending work.

  5. nice to know so much about you....

    and hey this is an interesting game...

    I would certainly write one for myself too.. and tag you back since it is from u I learnt this game... :)

  6. Could never have guessed that you are impatient. Thanks for sharing.

  7. @Shilpa: am not that way... just impatient with things the way they are..... and dont have the patience to deal with people and things....

    @Bhavesh: thanks a lot....

    @Jayasree: thanks.... how abt ur doing it too??

    @Chitra: take your time....shall wait to read all your posts...

    @shyamgovind: waiting to read yours...:)

    @Mridula: oh yes, am terribly impatient......

  8. pallavi krishnamoorthiApril 9, 2010 at 10:33 PM

    Anu , two more things I could think of now,

    1. Too good at keeping your room neat and tidy ! (unlike me)
    2. Infectious smile, which spreads cheer.

  9. @Pallavi: thanks for adding the two points...but the first one is contentious... depends on whom u are comparing with..... yes, compared to u, i was loads better, but compared to Pro or sudha, i was way, way behind!

  10. Hey, good to know more about you :) I can relate to #5 :)
    and there was a time when I read only M&B's (out of my own choice) and obviously have out grown that now :)


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