Featured on 'Pocket Cultures'

Navaratri is over, and it's time again to get back to our normal lives.... and what better way to start my other posts, than to announce that I have been featured on the site 'Pocket Cultures'!

As the name suggests, Pocket Cultures is all about cultures. The site has contributors from all over the world, writing about their own cultures, thus giving an interesting insight into places from people who live there! They divide their posts into 3 categories - Blogs of the World, where they feature blogs from different countries, Topics of the World, which consist of posts by collaborators about world cultures, and finally, People of the World, which also has  a section called 'My partner is a foreigner', about cross cultural encounters. Anyone can contribute to this section. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? So go right ahead and check it out!


  1. Congratulations, Anu.

    Your blog has never let me comment, so I do hope this one publishes.

  2. Thanks, Sowmya, Usha and Rayna! and Rayna, I dont know why thats happening... a couple of others have also mentioned it.... shall try to sort it out soon!

  3. Congrats anu!! You deserve it.
    Between thanks for your comment on my blog too. Well what is the name of the bike related book that u mentioned in the comment?

  4. Wonderful Anu! I enjoyed the navaratri posts!

  5. Well Done Anu!
    Your posts on Navratri were Informative and very interstesting too!!
    Congrats once again!!
    I have been facing some difficulty in posting a comment...

  6. This is great news! Congratulations! It always feels good to be featured!

  7. This is really very informative blog....Good work

  8. Good show, Anu. Keep it up. :)

  9. Thanks everyone! It feels great to be appreciated!


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