Hello everyone,

I have made a few changes in my blog, and would like to know your reactions......

The main change is that I have used the Jump Break option recently introduced. This allows me to display more posts on the page without compromising on the time taken to load the page. However, I am unable to decide whether this is more reader-friendly, or just dissuades you from reading further.

Please help me out by letting me know your opinions and suggestions.


  1. I for sure like more posts per page!

  2. Can't get the jump line stuff? The page seems to be same as before and the time taken to open up is slightly more is what I feel...

  3. Mridula : yes, i too like having more popsts per page.. which is why the trial...

    Sankara : see the second and other posts: the full post is not on the main page. Instead there is a link "Read More" Blogger has recently introduced this and am just trying it out...

  4. I think its ok, I mean it takes a little longer (may be in seconds) to load but its defn ok. If you like to display more posts in the front page I think this is good option!

    I am waiting for ur Golu preparation post :) plssssssss and with pictures :)I cant wait to see samhit creations


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