Navaratri 2009 - Days 6 and 7

Shashti and Saptami passed by, as if in a dream, for it was full of visits. Samhith was thrilled with everyone coming home and appreciating our work.

The sixth day being Shashti, a special day for Karthikeya, the temple decoration was Skanda Matha – the mother of Karthikeya, who is also known as Skandha…. She is depicted here as giving her son the Vel – the spear – with which he proceeds to destroy the asuras Surapadman, Tarakasuran and Simhamukhan.

Saptami was on Friday and I had invited a whole lot of people home that day, Friday being an especially important day for the Devi. To welcome people home, I made a new Kolam to replace the earlier one. Here it is…….

At the temple, the decoration was of the Devi as Sakhambari – covered with vegetables.

According to the Devi Mahatmayam, there was once a terrible famine, and the rishis prayed to the Devi for deliverance. In her compassion, she produced grains, vegetables and fruits from her own body to sustain the word during this terrible phase. It is then that she came to be known as Sakhambari. Usually, in all Devi temples, she is represented in this form at least once during the ten days praying that she will sustain us with abundant food for the whole year.


  1. Beautiful...

    I love going to the temple the day of Sakambari alangaram.. think its the 12th or 13th day here!!we go to the Sringeri mutt/temple in Tnagar!:)

    Granparents have gone to Sringeri, we do one day katalai, puja etc.. and its quite grand!! Have u been there around now? witness the grand Darbar at nite? very nice experience!!!

  2. Thanks, Aaarti

    yes, here in the sringeri mutt too, its on the 10th or the 11th day..... at the temple it is just one of the days..
    hubby and parents in law are at sringeri right now...... just this year, since they really wanted to see the darbar this year.... normally, navaratri is a difficult time for us to go to sringeri since we have the puja at home and someone needs to be here, and second this is exam time for us, so we cant leave........ even my inlaws are seeing the darbar for the first time.....
    two years back, when swamiji celebrated the festival at bbay, we hoped we would be lucky to see the darbar, but it wasnt as grand at sringeri, but we went almost everyday for darshan then, and that itself was great... this year, i have been to the srigeri mutt here just once....

  3. Nice pics Anu. Loved the vegetable must have been a lot of hard work making those...

    It's admirable that you have done one post per day for all 9 days of the Navratra....! Great work..

    You can also see my recent post:

  4. @ Rashmie... THanks a lot.. yes, the people at the temple do take a lot of pains to create the daily decoration, which is why they are so happy when we take pics and share them....

    yes, i have tried to write on all the nine days though a couple of times i have cheated and joined two days stuff together..... but thanks to the prospect of writing, i have visited the temple everyday!!!!!!


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