Remembering Sringeri

This time, last year, we were at Sringeri. The Diwali vacations were on, and we were there for a purpose – arranging Samhith’s Upanayanam or Thread ceremony. It seems odd to think that a year has flown by, and I would much rather be there again at this time of the year!!

It was one of those trips, which was almost completely unplanned. Yet things fell into place so beautifully that it turned out to be one of the best I have ever had! It was satisfying, not too expensive, adventurous, fun... and memorable! We started from Mumbai by bus, hopping on a KSRTC Volvo to Mangalore. We alighted at Udupi, and headed straight out to Sringeri, switching to the normal buses, which ply the route all day long.

Sringeri has, for long, been a place I love – the peace and quiet, and the spiritual atmosphere is almost unparalleled.... I have written a detailed post on Arti’s blog, ‘My Yatra Diary’, on  Sringeri. Click here to read the post.

However, the temples are not the only attractions Sringeri has for me.

The river Tunga flowing peacefully....

Watching the sun set over the river...

The huge palm trees trying to touch the skies....

Groves of trees covered with betel leaf vines.....

People who go quietly about their business, yet find time to pay attention to a little restless boy...

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It is such experiences which makes Sringeri such a special place.

Sringeri was just the first halt in a trip that spanned over a week. The experiences and adventures though seemed to be much more!! 2011 was a year when I travelled a lot, but wrote little. I guess it is time I rectify the situation, so I hope to catch up with all that I have neglected, in the hope that many more opportunities for travel come my way soon!!! So look out for some interesting posts!

Sringeri Factfile:

  • Bangalore – 360 Km
  • Mangalore – 110 Km
  • Udupi – 80 Km
  • Shimoga – 105 Km
  • Chickmanglur – 100 Km

How to Reach:

By Road: There are plenty of buses to Sringeri from Bangalore, Mangalore, Udupi and Shimoga.

By Train: The nearest railway station is at Udupi, on the Konkan Railway, and Shimoga on the South Central Railway

By Air: The nearest Airport is at Mangalore.

Where to Stay: The Sringeri Sharada Peetham provides plenty of accommodation for visitors. No advance booking is permitted, but accommodation is provided on a first-come-first-served basis. There are a huge number of rooms, including AC and Non AC rooms, as well as dormitories.
There are also many hotels and lodges in the area.

Where to eat: The Ashram offers food to every devotee, though at stipulated times.. lunch and dinner. There are also plenty of hotels in the area. However, the best option is one of the many messes, which are basically run in houses. The food is home cooked, and simple. Not much variety is available, but what is available is excellent and tasty.


  1. I can sense the peace and the quiet and why you love the place so much, Sringeri is indeed a beautiful place nestled in nature. Looking forward to reading all about your travels and wish you travel more and more in all the years to come. :)

    1. THanks so much, Arti!! At the moment, there is so much chaos in the house that I really wish I was back there.. it was so peaceful and serene...

  2. I had gone to coastal karnataka this year on March 2012 for three days . But because of time constraint I couldn't go. Thanks for sharing this one Anu jee.It seems beautiful place .
    Next time I will definitely visit this.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Vishal, about 5 years back, we spent 10 days visiting coastal karnataka.. we visited many temples, but missed so many!!!! it deserves an unhurried visit!

  3. I have never been to this place and I remember you telling me stories from this trip. :-)

    The photos say that Sringeri is indeed a beautiful place nestled in nature.

    Wish you all the best with your travels, may you travel more, Anu!

    1. Yes, Nisha... I remember telling you about this trip.. was such a wonderful one!! its a place you will love to.. you shd go sometime! and thanks so much!

  4. The landscape is so beautiful! And I remember your posts from the ceremony. But was that one year back?

    1. The ceremony was in jan, Mridula, so its not a year yet.. but this was when we went for making the arrangements.. and its already been a year!!

  5. Sringeri...
    It is so interesting for me that this is a place that inspires you the way it does me!!
    I love the tranquility and the Tunga is so peaceful. A sense of calm and absolute inner joy pervades me when I visit sringeri...a previous life connection maybe?
    Now I wonder if you and I are really connected from another world space...


    Crazy thoughts...

    hope we meet some time

    1. yes, Sowmya.. we really should meet! the coincidences are just too much for us not to have some connection from some other time! really look forward to that day!!

  6. Would love to visit this place. Nice shots Anu.

  7. There is only one word for Sringeri, Anu. SPECIAL :-)

  8. The picture of Sringeri sharadha temple is beautiful

  9. Very nice snaps,The river Tunga flowing peacefully images is very beautiful,Shringeri is one of famous temple in Karnataka,This temples established by sage Adi Sankacharya.visit more info

  10. Hi can any one suggest me travelling shringeri and horanadu from dharmasthala is better or from udupi it is better (roadwise and ksrtc bus facility). how about bus facility to these areas from Udupi, Dharmasthala?


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