Faces in the Crowd - A Selfie Moment

Somewhere in McLeod Ganj....

A couple of monks with a friend were roaming around, the monks were bored, the friend was trying to click a selfie! It was a moment, just asking to be caught on camera!

People-Watching is fun, though not as much to click them, at least for me! However, when they are so engrossed in their own selves, and least bothered about who is watching... or clicking... them, I sometimes give in to the impulse and capture them on my camera!

What do you think of this photo? I would love to hear your thoughts!

This post is part of my series on my #summertrip 2015, and I hope to take you along with me as I recount stories from my month long trip, which took me across the country. To get an idea of all the places I visited, and what you can hope to read about, click here.  

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  1. nice. he could have requested the monk to look at the camera

    1. They were actually together, Shrinidhi... seemed to know each other... but i have no idea why they were so bored with each other that they were all looking in different directions...

  2. Talk about friendship! Each one in his own world.


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