Lavasa Trip Part 5 - Bamboosa

There are many interesting things to see and do at Lavasa, such as enjoy watersports on the lakeshore, a modern games arcade,  adventure sports at Xthrill and a visit to one of India’s best nurseries. However, we were able to do none of these, and instead decided to visit Bamboosa, the bamboo craft factory and shop, which provides employment to local villagers.

Having the factory and the shop at the same place was a great idea, for we got to see the artisans at work, and got an insight into what actually goes into making all those furnitures and works of art. This is one place I would love to take Samhith to!
Instead of taking you along with me through individual photographs, as I usually do, here is a slideshow this time, made from all the photos I clicked –

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