Brahminy Starling

It looked just like a myna from a distance. However, there was something different about it. It took some time for me to realise that we were seeing a Brahminy Myna or Brahminy Starling.

It has a sort of a crest and black cap which distinguishes it from our usual myna. Besides, the bill is yellow with a bluish base, which also makes it look different. In fact, once we saw these a couple of times, I began wondering how I had mistaken it for the common myna in the first place!!!


  1. You reminded me of my visit to Chaitanya Dham [AKA Prati Pandharpur] where I saw Brahminy Starling parents. If you remember, I published the photos on my blog [see Brahminy
    Starling]. You asked where the place is. Did you manage to go there? It's beautiful!

  2. No, Bhavesh! have yet to make that long delayed trip to Pune and around ! the time doesnt seem to come!!! I remember seeing your Brahminy starling pics! they are certainly much better than mine :)


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