Memorial to a loved Pet

I was wandering with Samhith around Gulab Bagh, the huge garden where the Udaipur Zoo is located. We had time to kill before we could catch the bus which would take us back to Mumbai, we had checked out of our room, and Shankar had already flown back the day before. Having so much time on our hands, but hesitant to wander into lonely places, we tried to stick to the well marked paths, at the same time trying to avoid the crowds thronging the park. Following a butterfly, we moved away from the well trodden path, and suddenly, right in front of us was a marble edifice. Curious, we moved closer, and both of us were stunned!

It seemed to be a tomb, but what was surprising was that it was the tomb of a dog - surely must have been a loved pet to merit such a beautiful marble tomb in the middle of a garden! I wondered who built the tomb, and when, but there was nothing marked on it, and no one there had any idea. 

Have any of you seen this? Do you have anything to add? If so, please leave a comment, and I will update this blog.




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