Feathered Friends

There is one tree in our colony which is the meeting point of the birds. It stands on the edge of our common ground, giving a view of the temple, and a whole square filled with buildings. I have often wondered what it is that draws birds to this tree.... but recently, my thoughts have taken a different direction. I often see groups of birds perched on a particular branch of this tree.....

A couple of weeks back, there were these three Coppersmith barbets....

and then these Red Vented Bulbuls....

Then there were these bulbuls cosying up to each other (this was during the cold wave recently)...

and then a couple of days back, a Coppersmith and a Bulbul, which sat there for almost an hour!

So now I am wondering.... are these bulbuls and coppersmiths becoming friends, hanging out as they are, on the same branch?


  1. Its beautiful Anuradha...Great concept & ofcourse lovely clicks...


  2. Nice clicks!


  3. Anu what beautiful captures. I have now seen a few barbets in the tree in front of my home but no clicks as of now!


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